Dina Lissner  |  February 15, 2020

Here we are, the middle of February which usually doesn’t feel much like spring… but it does signal the early stages of the spring market. However, this year, with the unusually mild winter temps, we saw the early stages of the spring market start in December! So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you are thinking about listing your house, now is REALLY the time to START thinking…
Getting a jump start on listing your house can make all of the difference when it comes to the final sale price of your home. You might wonder how thinking about your house now could result in a higher price? This is a lot more nuanced than one might consider. Aside from the usual cleaning and decluttering, repairing and replacing, painting and rearranging, the only way to get a good handle on what should be done is to call in an expert, but what kind of expert? To start, bring in a REALTOR®. As REALTOR’s®, we help our clients get their houses ready to sell with the least amount of hassle. We help guide our clients through what must be done, should be done, and could be done.
While our experience and training can help us to see how the aesthetics of the home can be improved, we HIGHLY recommend hiring a licensed inspector to inspect your home, so you are left with fewer surprises once your house is under contract. We often see our client’s disappointment when we have concluded the negotiations on the home sale and then they find out, post-inspection, that the buyer would like a substantial credit, often inflated, for the health and safety issues found in the home by an inspector. Having a licensed professional come in before your house is listed gives you an opportunity to fix those glaring items, which will leave your future buyers with less to ask for during the inspection period.
 Repairs to your house, painting, removing wallpaper, staging, remodeling, etc. can be quite costly however, these repairs can translate to a substantially higher sale price for your home. Compass, in an effort to ease this financial burden, has created Compass Concierge. A ZERO interest loan is offered to those sellers who list their homes for sale with Compass. Essentially, you are issued a zero-interest credit card which can be used to pay for all of the services previously mentioned in this article. That’s right, ZERO interest!! The loan is repaid at the closing table and NO interest or fees are tacked on at the end. 
If you are thinking about selling this spring, give us a call. We are more than happy to come by for a no-obligation consultation. We will give some suggestions on getting your house ready for the spring market, helping you to feel proud of your house throughout the process, and getting you top dollar as well!

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